Types of Chiropractic Methods

Types of chiropractic methods

At Vital Link Chiropractic, we utilize a few different types of chiropractic methods, each of which is clinically proven to be effective in restoring physical health. Specifically, we use two main types of chiropractic methods in conjunction with each other - the ones that we have found to be most effective.

They are:

Spinal Manipulative Therapy

The primary chiropractic method we use is Spinal Manipulative Therapy or SMT. In SMT we manually diagnose the spinal column-using our hands to feel where the spine has moved out of alignment to cause pain-then we apply gentle pressure to re-align the spine. Because the spine houses the central nervous system, re-alignment of the spine can relieve pain in many areas of the body-and indeed chiropractic therapy for headaches, back aches, joint pain, and leg pain can all be achieved by SMT.


Pettibon is a type of chiropractic care that includes adjustments or spinal manipulative therapy by hand and also with one or more mechanical adjusting instruments.

The purpose of the adjustment is to restore the normal motion of the vertebra and spinal units so they may "react" to the body's environment (gravity).

Patients are instructed in specific in-office and at-home exercises to speed recovery, stabilize the spine, rehabilitate soft tissue, and reduce the number of required office visits.

A short exam on every visit monitors your progress as well as modifies adjusting of your spine and the exercise procedures. This results in your becoming healthier faster and staying healthy longer.


By comparison, the Gonstead method of chiropractic care includes adjustments or spinal manipulative therapy strictly done by hand.

One of the main differences and advantages to this type of chiropractic care is the upper back and neck are adjusted while the patient is in a seated position. The Gonstead method has proven to be the ideal chiropractic therapy for headaches.

Want To Know More?

We're happy to provide more information about chiropractic care. Patient education is of great importance to us and is one of the services we especially enjoy providing to our clientele.

If you are interested in knowing more about the types of chiropractic methods we use and their origins, please contact us for more information.

Additional Services

In addition to chiropractic care services, we offer the following:

  • Warming up the tissues of the neck and lower back prior to the adjustment
  • Checking your spine before and after each adjustment
  • Use of weights placed on the body while you stand on a balance platform
  • Use of body weights while you do exercises on whole body vibration platforms
  • Exercise equipment which is sent home with you for a faster, more complete recovery
  • Massage therapist on staff to help with the healing process
  • Nutritional consulting

Vital Link is committed to providing a wide range of the best chiropractic services.

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