Treatment Plans

Getting Started: Chiropractic Diagnosis

Treatments and Chiropractic Exercises that Treat the WHOLE You

Vital Link Chiropractic takes a natural, drug-free approach to treating our patients. All of our treatments and chiropractic exercises are aimed at treating the whole you, with the goal of increasing your all-around wellness in addition to decreasing any pain you are in and preventing future problems.

The first critical step to outstanding chiropractic treatment is proper chiropractic diagnosis. This involves checking the entire spine for abnormalities and restricted movement.

For example, if you come in to our office with neck pain, we will not only check your neck, but we will also check all three parts of the spine: the lower (lumbar) spine, the middle (thoracic) spine and the neck (the cervical spine).

The human spine is an integrated system of vitality, so a pain in the neck, literally, could have an impact on, or even be a result of other issues, like a pelvic imbalance, for example.

In addition to checking the spine for disc problems, joint motion, and ligament problems, we will look at your overall posture and standing position as well as inquiring about personal history of pain and your lifestyle.

Common Spinal Treatments

Once we have an idea of what exactly is going on in your body, the next step is spinal manipulation.

During this process the chiropractor identifies the joints and vertebrae that have restricted movement and then restores motion using gentle thrusting techniques.

The thrusts stimulate the nervous system and soft tissue, restoring full motion and flow in the affected areas.

Please see Types of Chiropractic Treatment for more information on what we do!

Other Treatment Techniques

We may use a variety of techniques in conjunction with spinal manipulation and direct spinal adjustment. These include:

  • Chiropractic foot adjustment
    • The feet have a huge impact on the spine. Through chiropractic foot adjustment, a doctor can make your feet and back work together to heal each other. Even something like arch pain can manifest in your lower back!
  • Extremities adjustment
    • Here we adjust joints anywhere in the body except the spine. It could be shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists - wherever something is out of alignment, we bring it back in to stasis with a gentle manipulation.
  • Massage
    • Massage is effective both as a way of warming up the spinal muscles before spinal manipulation, and as a way of increasing the benefits of spinal manipulation after the fact.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor these treatments to your particular situation.

First time patients can take advantage of our free chiropractic exam and nutritional consultation offer. This is a thorough diagnostic of your spinal alignment and may well help explain why you are feeling out of sorts or are in pain. Combined with a nutritional session that informs you about what foods and supplements are best for you, this is a smart check up at a very attractive price: FREE.

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