Nutritional Counseling at Vital Link Chiropractic

As the saying goes, "you are what you eat." If you are eating damaging foods, or are starving for nutrients, you may be contributing to physical ailments like back pain, headaches, joint pain, and neck aches. So, today's diet of fast food and junk food, combined with all-around stresses, takes an inevitable toll on our total body health.

But there is good news...

With proper nutrition, the human body has an incredible power to heal itself. Given the nutrients your body needs, its power is is just around the corner.

...And Vital Link is here to help.

At Vital Link we're here to help you find a diet that
gives your body the power to heal itself.

Nutritional health has long been a part of chiropractic, and Vital Link is committed to providing patients with nutritional counseling for chronic diseases and chronic pain. You'd be surprised what a change in diet can do for your body-not to mention your state of mind!

Practical Nutritional Health At Vital Link

Finding a way for you to eat healthily is of utmost importance for us. We will get to know you, your schedule, and your daily eating habits and make suggestions for ways to subtly alter your diet without changing your whole life around.

If nutritional counseling doesn't make reasonable recommendations, then it won't work!

It's ludicrous the crazy diets people put themselves on to lose weight. We aren't going to tell you to eat only carrots for three days, and then turn next to one of persimmons and cheese. It's not practical - or even rational!

Instead, we'll give you reasonable suggestions of ways to change your diet slightly while getting maximum nutritional health benefits...all the while keeping your own lifestyle intact.

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Nutritional Supplements

For many, the best way to increase nutritional health in a busy lifestyle is by taking nutritional supplements.

In a household in which everyone is working full-time or has other concerns in life, taking the time to cook specific foods for a health-giving diet is not always practical. Our solution is nutritional supplements.

We'll pinpoint any nutritional imbalances through objective testing, and then prescribe an individual three month nutritional food supplement protocol. Nutritional counseling is done by first taking a thorough history. We use a symptom survey to gather your information.

This survey is broken down into sections that apply to different systems in the body. This gives our office the information that we need to analyze your nutritional deficiencies. The deficiencies cause symptoms. These symptoms can be linked directly back to some nutritional lack in your diet.

We give recommendations on changes in diet, eating habits, and suggest nutritional supplements produced by Standard Process™. Chances are your skin, your hair and eyes will tell the story of vitality and vigor that came due to the program of supplementation.

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Standard Process Supplements & Whole Foods

Did you know that many of the chronic diseases of Western culture were not present when we ate whole foods? Our modern diet of mostly refined foods (refined sugars, white flour and processed foods) has taken too many of the nutrients out of our diet.

That's why when we recommend nutritional supplements at Vital Link, we recommend Standard Process® Whole Foods Supplements.

Standard Process understands that whole foods have the nutrients we need and they formulate their supplements to replace what's missing from our modern, on-the-run meals.

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Click here to find out more about Standard Process Supplements.

Nutritional Counseling & Chronic Disease

When you have a chronic health condition, good nutrition becomes even more important.

Nutrition-related diseases like heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and obesity make up a significant share of the mortality rate of the western world. Vital Link Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling for chronic disease which can have a huge impact on the recovery of your health!

Would you like us to evaluate your nutritional status?

 In addition to history taking, a daily record of food intake can be filled out.  We also use a toxicity questionnaire that is designed to aid us in determining your potential need for a purification program. The best tool of all is the symptom survey.  With this powerful piece of information we can determine your individual nutritional needs.  The symptom survey form has 224 commonly found symptoms arranged in 9 groups.  After you fill this out and a nutritional need is determined, we can recommend a change in diet, a life style change, or recommend one or more of the very powerful whole food supplements by Standard Process. 

The following list will get you started on your road to health.

Click here to get a PDF of the Daily Record of Food Intake.

Click here to get a PDF of the Toxicity Questionnaire.

To get the link to fill out the Symptom Survey in the comfort of your home, please call (970) 224-5005 and give Sarah your name and your email address.  She will email you your personal pass code to fill out the Symptom Survey.

These forms can also be filled out at the office, but we have offered them online for your convenience.

And it all starts at Vital Link.

Contact us today to find out how we can use nutrition
to realize your body's maximum healing power.