Sports Injury Treatment & Sports Chiropractic

Whether you're a weekend runner, a recreation-league player, or a professional athlete, sooner or later, you will injure yourself. It's practically a sure bet.

When it finally happens to you, it is important to maintain good physical health during the healing process and to make sure to appropriately treat injuries so they do not lead to chronic pain or become a more serious issue.

Chiropractic care is especially well suited to treating sports injuries because chiropractors look at the whole body and realign you so that you are less prone to injury in the first place.

Chiropractors are being consulted more and more frequently as team doctors and sports injury experts.

What You Should Know To Prevent Sports Injury

At Vital Link, education comes first. We think the most important thing we can do is teach you how to take better care of yourself.

Sports Chiropractic Consultations

If you're worried about sports injury and you're seeking advice about how best to prevent and/or treat sport injuries, feel free to contact us for a special sports consultation. We will get to know your sports history and habits and then make recommendations about how to avoid or treat injury.

We are active sports people ourselves. After all, we're Coloradoans! Come see us and learn from those who are 'out there' being jocks of the first order.... and who absolutely won't allow themselves to be sidelined by the sports they take part in!

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A main cause of sports injury is one thing: overuse. Overuse has three aspects:

  1. Lack of proper warm-up,
  2. Lack of proper cool-down, and/or
  3. Failing to stop when your body is telling you to do so.

Warm Up

Believe it or not, warming up actually begins the night before. You need proper rest - a good night's sleep will work wonders on the road or single track.

The next day, when you warm up, your muscles elongate by about 10 percent, which makes them much less prone to injury. If you don't do a proper warm up and instead rush into all-out exercise, your cold muscle could be injured.

After the warm up is the proper time to stretch all of the muscles you will be using. Lack of proper warm up and stretching is another one of the main causes of sports injuries. Take at least 10 minutes to warm-up before going all-out.

Cool Down

When you finish running or doing other 'all out exercise', your body is relying on your muscles to help pump or push blood to your heart and brain.

It is incredibly important for your cardiovascular system that you cool down after exercise. Otherwise, the strain on your heart can be problematic and potentially dangerous.

You must cool down with some slow jogging or walking.

Know When to Stop

A very common problem in treating sports injuries is that athletes often don't recognize a sports injury until it is too late.

Something that may have started as a small problem will be exacerbated if you continue to push it. This can result in sports injury joint pain, torn muscles, torn ligaments, or misalignment.

When you feel something more than a healthy soreness, take a day off! Listen to your body - it has a lot to say.

Other causes of sports injuries include:

  • Advancing too quickly
  • Trying to keep up with others.
  • Improper or inadequate nutrition

Treatment with Sports Chiropractics

In addition to providing you with helpful advice about how to avoid sports injury, chiropractors can also treat these injuries effectively and completely. This branch of the field is called sports chiropractics.

Sports chiropractics treats sports injuries like joint pain, muscular problems, and ligament problems with chiropractic modalities like spinal manipulation and spinal decompression. Much of the physical health of your body can be linked to the spine, and by working with the spine, chiropractors have had incredible success treating athletes and weekend warriors too!

Professionals Use Sports Chiropractics, Too

Many professional athletes have been outspoken supporters of sports chiropractics. Since the mid eighties, the list of professional players using chiropractics has expanded a great deal.

The list of sports stars who endorse chiropractic care now includes pros like Wade Boggs, Mark McGuire, Charles Barkley, Joe Montana, and Evander Holyfield.

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