Recovery from Injury

How do you get over a sports injury? What is tennis elbow? How could I have it if I don't play tennis? I have elbow pain after just lightly bumping it on a doorframe. Now I have trouble lifting and gripping a carton of milk without pain.

This is a fairly common presenting symptom of my active patients. People - just like you - lift objects, hold kids, walk dogs, ring out towels, shovel snow, and so on. Once irritated the elbow can be mildly disturbing or downright painful. It will usually depend on how severe the original injury was.

What happens in your arm is that the muscles that attach to the outside edge or 'lateral epicondyle' of your elbow have become irritated. This now pulls at the attachment to the bone and causes pain when you use the muscles.

Office Care: Care in the office includes a specific diagnosis of what muscles or joints have been affected. Your treatment will consist of elbow adjustments, trigger point massage, stretching and possibly Cold Laser.

Home Care: Your care in our office is supplemented with a home care program. This program usually consists of some icing, self massage, and stretching the extensor muscles. Modifying your home activities, your exercise routine or your work ergonomics/set up are all important factors for a speedier recovery.

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