Payments and Insurance

Insurance Information

Your goals

  • Fill out as little paperwork as possible
  • Become symptom-free as soon as possible
  • Efficient office visits that run on time
  • The least amount of out of pocket expense
  • Results

Our goals

  • Collect key information needed to assist you
  • Help you recover your optimum health
  • Show you ways to get well and stay well
  • Ask a fair fee for our skill and experience
  • Patient satisfaction

Vital Link Chiropractic Insurance Policy

Our office is set up to accept and process direct payment from insurance companies.

This is done as service to our patients and there is no charge for this. However, it is important that you understand that health and accident insurance policies are ultimately an arrangement between you and your insurance company.

You are personally responsible for all service charges incurred in our office. We expect payment in full when the services are rendered until your insurance coverage has been verified.

Payment Options

Automobile Insurance
Attorney Liens
Worker's Compensation

Patient Financing Available

Vital Link Chiropractic in Fort Collins accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

We gladly accept Visa/MasterCard and Discover

"We will work with your insurance so you don't have to"

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