Oriental Energy

Qi Gong Body Work

Certified Massage Therapist


Our technique benefits the body mind and spirit by relaxing the muscles and relieves tension giving a profound feeling of well being.


TOTAL BODY RELAXATION--------------$70

Our unique technique emphasizes on a specific area where it is most needed. This procedure includes 50 minutes of deep muscle body rub, 40 minutes of feet and aromatherapy on the eyelids. Allow 1.5 hours.


A gentle back rub designed for total relaxation. This procedure includes 40 minuntes of Chi-Gong deep muscle body rub and a 20 min foot rub. The shoulders, lower back and the feet are the highlights of this procedure. Allow 1 hour.


Relieves tension with a special procedure focused on the feet. This treatment begins with a therapeutic foot bath in a chinese herbal solution. Then specifically applied pressure stimulates energy flow throughout the entire body. This 30 minute treatment rejuvenates the body and calms the mind and spirit. Allow 30 minutes.

EXPRESS BACK PROCEDURE------------$20-30

The perfect procedure for the person on the go. Our skilled hands leaves you feeling rested and rejuvenated. Allow 20-30 minutes.

INNER PEACE TRANSITION-----------------$12

Designed to provide inner peace for the remainder of the day. This back procedure is a short soothing remedy given on a chair to relieve shoulder and neck tension. Allow 10 minutes.

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