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Can you feel better?


At Vital Link Chiropractic, we're driven by the results we see every day.

Some patients first come to Vital Link feeling overwhelmed by their painful symptoms. These same patients end up leaving the office in less pain and with a lot of hope for their future well-being.

Fort Collins Chiropractic Since 1997

Vital Link Chiropractic was established in 1997 by Dr. Matt Kriewall. Dr. Matt is a generous and highly-regarded chiropractor in Northern Colorado. His office exudes a feeling of wellness and optimism. Patients are made to feel at ease, and often leave with smiles on their faces and a surer spring in their step.

What is Chiropractic Care?
...Or, Chiropractic Care for Skeptics

In a society that is dominated by traditional medicine, chiropractic care has many skeptics. This skepticism often stems from an incomplete understanding of just what chiropractic care involves.

Chiropractic care is a health care approach that treats the nervous system by directly focusing on the alignment of the spine. Your spine is the main highway for your entire nervous system and therefore its health affects all your body functions.

If something is wrong in your spinal alignment, your whole body will know.

But, if you treat the spine, it can bring positive changes to the whole-body health and even treat specific problems in various parts of the body.

Another way of thinking about this is that while traditional medicine acts on the blood system in the body, chiropractic treats the nervous system.

Rather than working with chemistry, chiropractic is concerned with muscular wellness, skeletal alignment, and soft tissue inflammation.

Instead of treating specific problems by changing the body's chemistry, chiropractors believe that the body has the power to heal itself, if only given the chance and the proper healing environment.

Our Healing Philosophy

We help patients find the power within themselves to heal. Remember, the power that made the body also heals the body! There is no other way.

Think about it-as an infant and child, your body grew and developed itself, and it did a pretty amazing job.

The body is a powerful force.

Vital Link Chiropractic believes that the best way to heal the body is to put it in a position to heal itself.

Chiropractic Care Risks Versus Benefits

Sometimes new patients are worried about chiropractic care risks versus benefits. Many worry that chiropractic treatments are painful and risky due to the back and neck cracking that is involved.

In fact, nearly all our patients find the adjusting process as it is called to be pleasurable!

This type of chiropractic is virtually risk-free, especially when compared to treatments that involve surgery or medication. In addition, Dr. Matt promises to be gentle, reassuring, and never to do anything risky to your body.

Why Choose Vital Link?

We understand that when it comes to chiropractors, there are many options.

We believe that Vital Link Chiropractic offers exceptional chiropractic care, unparalleled in Northern Colorado. Through our attention to individuals, our commitment to the highest quality treatment and by the many types of chiropractic methods we use in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, Vital Link has established a reputation of excellence.

Contact us to learn about types of chiropractic methods offered in Fort Collins at Vital Link.

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