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At Vital Link Chiropractic we've treated countless patients and found a remarkable amount of success. But we don't need to tell you how great our chiropractic treatments have been, we let our happy patients do that for us!

Please take the time to read through some of our patient testimonials so you can take THEIR word for it.

We always hear the same thing: 'I should have done this years ago.' You don't have to live with the pain you have. Give us a call to find out how we can help you. Today.

Success Story for Maria Magdelena Gonzales

My problem began in 2006 after the birth of my son.

The problem is with three discs in the lower part of my spine. The general practitioner referred me to Dr. Koester a neurosurgeon, and an MRI showed 3 discs that were damaged. Dr. Koester said that the damage was so severe that there was no surgical procedure that would help more than 30%. Steroid injections were the only option short of going to a country where clinics use stem cells to heal the discs.

When I first experienced the pain, I could not walk, or even move. I layed in bed for weeks and waited for the steroid injections and vicoden to help me lead a somewhat normal life. Even though they did alleviate the pain, the symptoms would reoccur with disturbing regularity. So the steroid injections were administered at least 4 to 5 times a year.

I could not continue like this so when my husband and I visited Dr. Charles Tramont in Las Vegas, NV, on a different issue, he told us about a new technique called Decompression. We looked up a clinic near us and found Dr. Matt Kriewall in Fort Collins, CO. I, Maria Magdalena (Magda), started treatment as soon as possible and the results were better than we really expected. When I started in June of 2009, we thought it would take more than a year to see results. Since that time there has only been on minor relapse and it was resolved quickly.

Now with the proper exercises, herbal supplements and adjustments including the decompression machine, I am leading a normal life. I do understand that this will now have to be a way of life, a life that has been restored to me.

Thanks to Dr. Matt Kriewall's attentive style and for always having a gracious manner in how he treated his patients. We have recommended everyone we know to his clinic and some have taken our advice. We do this without reservation.

Magdalena Gonzales

When I enjoyed a free 10 minute chair massage last May I had no idea the change this few minutes would make in my life. I received a coupon for a 30 minute free massage and a chiropractic exam and consultation with Dr. Matt.

The week of August 19th we, my husband and I enjoyed the 30 minute massage and made an appointment with Dr. Matt. This was against my wishes but my husband insisted. Well after seeing the x-rays the words from Sarah and Dr. Matt my husband said we will do the 6 week program, I'm still protesting due to mileage, time involved and lack of confidence in results, but finally consent.

Now after 4 weeks, 8 treatments, I can't tell you how much better I feel. My neck, arms, shoulders are no longer giving me constant pain. I can raise my arms higher, turn my head farther, turn over in bed without pain, and I'm also sleeping better. Best of all I'm taking very few arthritis Tylenol® now. All in all what I'm saying is I feel so much better I should have done this months ago.
Phyllis Nase

I have had to work manual labor most of my life, and as a result, I have a bad back. I was in great pain when I came to Dr. Matt. Now I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Matt's generosity has gone beyond words of gratitude for what he has done for me in my life. Dr. Matt is a very good doctor and a great friend that I will forever be thankful. God bless to Dr. Matt and family and his staff.
Jeff Reinhard

I started getting adjusted when I was pregnant. I was waddling from the lower back pain that everyone thinks is normal with pregnancy. I experienced relief from the first adjustment. I was walking normal, pain free, my neck even felt better. I am now bringing my baby boy to Dr. Matt and he has benefited as well. His neck was a little stiff from being balled up and now his range of head motion is much better. Great Chiropractor.
Kristen Kennington

I came to Dr. Matt with sciatic pain that had become constant, even at night. When he assured me that spinal decompression could help me, I never expected to have periods of relief after the first few sessions! Now (about 1/3 of the way through my treatment program) I only feel the sciatica occasionally! The combination of spinal decompression, adjustments and lifestyle changes Dr. Matt recommended (less sitting, more stretching) have made a huge difference in my health and my outlook. What a bonus that all this occurs in such a friendly and caring office! Thank you for everything!
Perrie Erickson

This best describes the remarkable change that Dr. Matt has made in my recovery of the many things that have been bothering me for the last 15 years.

Most of my pains are aggravated by my fibromyalgia, which does not allow my body to heal, anyway...?I came to Dr. Matt in the summer of 2007 while I was suffering from a painful sciatic nerve in my lower back, which was brought on by "lock jaw" that I had been suffering from for several months, at this point I was unable to sit, walk, lay down and barely able to eat due to not being able to open my mouth from the lock jaw, other doctors had over prescribed medications that seems to bring no relief, and after much procrastination I decided to give in the "mysterious" non-medicating practice of chiropractic healing, and yes it's "all that" and more!

With just few adjustments in my back and daily doses of the Himalayan Salt, within two weeks I was feeling hardly any pain in my back and was able to sleep, sit and walk again...the lock jaw took a little longer, but I was able to open my mouth completely after about 2-3 months of treatment, I've also noticed a lot less pain in my muscles that has plagued me for many years due to the fibromyalgia, I dare to say that I feel almost "cured".

I will continue to come for treatments and recommend it to anyone who is suffering from any sort of pain...I'm not sure this is a cure for all, but it sure works for me...Thanks to Dr. Matt and his wonderful staff here at Vital Link Chiropractic.
From the Heart,
Mary Torrez

"The combination of spinal decompression, adjustments and lifestyle changes Dr. Matt recommendations have made a huge difference in my health outlook. What a bonus that all this occurs in such a friendly and caring office!"
Perrie Erickson

"Since I have been coming to see Dr. Matt, I no longer get a pain down my right leg after my roller derby matches. Dr. Matt is the greatest chiropractor in Fort Collins".
Jerica Trevena

"Sleeping is wonderful now! I'm trying to apply all that I have learned about the health of the spine into my daily life."
Jody Fox

"Since I started treatment I've raced three half marathons and done well in all of them. My overall vocal quality singing is better too!"
Jen Sajbel

"Left fingers now have feeling and [are] not numb any Longer."
Thomas Bell

"I came to Dr. Matt's office because I was getting headaches several times per week. To my amazement, I have not had a headache since beginning my treatments, and I feel much better overall. Dr. Matt and his crew do great work!"
Andrew Hensen

"About 10 days before a big trip I severely herniated a disc and couldn't walk, sit, or sleep. Dr. Matt got me functional and off on my trip. Upon returning I have continued treatments and continue to improve."

Dr. Morgan Oaks
, Fort Collins chiropractor

"I've had less back pain. My right arm doesn't tingle/go numb like it use to."
Mark Harp

"Had L5-S1 and L4-L5 problems, Chronic pain for 5 to 6 years. I can say my chronic pain is gone, with little to no discomfort."
Todd Eatinger

"The health of my body now compared to the way it was is like night and day. Dr. Matt Is a great chiropractor."
Craig Olsen

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