I'm often asked if I can help with arthritis. Most people who ask have not actually been given a formal diagnosis of one of the many types of arthritis. Many people have gone to their doctor with pain symptoms and been sent on their way with a brief mention of 'arthritis'. No other explanation is given and no real advise on what to do to feel better.

The patient seems resigned - they are, after all, getting older and this may just be the way it is.

Arthritis is common but it is NOT normal. The body is not meant to break down or wear out at one area and not the others. This is a degenerative process that started with an initial injury; the joint has malfunctioned for years, and because of the lack of motion has not gotten the proper hydration and nutrients and therefore breaks down at a faster rate than the rest of the joints.

This leads to a gradual breakdown of the joint. Bony ridges (called 'osteophytes' or bone spurs) then develop due to the abnormal mechanics of the joint. These bone spurs can put pressure to soft tissues or delicate nerves which can affect the functioning of internal organs.

So it is NOT that you are getting old. It is that that segment in question is breaking down biologically faster than your chronological years. In many cases, you don't have to live with the pain and stiffness. If proper mechanics, hydration, nutrition and strength are restored, your symptoms WILL be reduced.

The reason only some joints are affected is because of increased stresses to those joints resulting from biomechanical problems. One such common problem is a spinal subluxation (abnormal position and motion in a spinal joint producing nerve irritation).

With a subluxation, the joint loses its full range of motion and in essence becomes fixated or 'stuck'. In each cartilage containing joint a lubricating fluid called synovial fluid exists to keep the cartilage healthy. It works much like motor oil in your car. Movement in the joint replenishes the supply of synovial fluid.

This provides nutrients to the tissue. Chiropractic works to restore normal motion and mechanics in damaged and arthritic joints, allowing for closer to normal range of motion and slowing of the degenerative process. Studies have shown even a reversal of degeneration via chiropractic care.

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